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what's the difference between an equalist and a feminist?




An equalist believes that men need just as much liberation as women.

A feminist knows that patriarchy is much more destructive to women and therefore its goals prioritize women.

Essentially, it’s like this:

There’s a man and a woman standing side by side, but the man is taller than the woman. How to get them to the same level?

An equalist would give both of them a pedestal to stand on; a feminist would just give one to the woman. The first method doesn’t fix the problem, but the second method does.

Just want to say further that equalists 1) don’t pay attention to how history has structured our current world, and 2) have a huge bloody entitlement complex. Like men have hated women for thousands of years, but feminism has to prove it’s not man-hating to be legitimated because hating a gender the male gender is wrong. It’s disgusting that men think they can or should define what equality is for women.

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I'm a feminist and I think that women and men should be equal, but is it considered non-feminist or something if I want to be a housewife? I like cooking and cleaning and I feel like I should be able to that without conforming to gender roles? idk of this makes sense?


Can a housewife be a feminist? Of course!

A feminist is someone who believes in gender equality— which is completely separate from their gender performance. There’s nothing wrong with conforming to traditionally feminine or traditionally masculine roles… Or rejecting both.

An easy way to think about it is that you should stand up for other people’s gendered choices, even when you wouldn’t make the same ones. It’s about opening doors, not closing them.

When in doubt, think of it this way:
What’s between your legs shouldn’t determine how you live your life.